Are your Holiday lights Safe?

Stay Safe with a Pre-Holiday Electrical Inspection!

It’s that time of year again! We joke that we haven’t even had the turkey yet and we are already starting to see neighbors and shops decking their halls (and eaves, and yards) with their holiday best. We are getting ready to welcome family and friends into our homes and we may even have to deal with a few blasts of frigid air this season! Before you bring the sparkling festivities home, ask yourself a few questions:

• Are the lights you’re about to put up outside actually safe for all weather?

• Are your outdoor outlets properly grounded?

• Can your breaker box handle the extra electrical load?

Remember, it isn’t just the holiday lights that make your home electrical system work overtime during the holidays. You will likely be cooking more, which means your kitchen will be pulling more electricity while your outdoor lights and your furnaces or space heaters compete. One short or one overloaded circuit can become a disaster quickly but a home electrical inspection can prevent this.

Winter Brings Unique Dangers

While fires and electrical problems can occur any time of the year, winter – even Florida winters – bring a unique set of things to watch out for. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs most this time of year because homes are sealed against the cold, keeping carbon monoxide from water heaters and furnaces indoors. House fires break out the most this time of year due to the use of space heaters, candles, extension cords, and the presence of dry Christmas trees, which go up in a flash. Electrical shocks are also common, especially when outdoor lights are plugged into outlets that are not built with a ground fault circuit interrupter.

Now is the most opportune time to have Custom Electrical Solutions, Inc. perform a professional inspection on your home. From carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to outdoor GFCI outlets, we will perform a full winter inspection to ensure your family’s safety. We will verify that all electrical components of your home are in top working order, within code, and ready for the holidays. We are also ready to make any repairs or install any upgrades necessary to protect your greatest assets. If you do not yet have one, we can also install a whole-home surge protector to protect your HVAC systems and major appliances.

Before you prepare your home for the holidays, call 954-464-5507 from anywhere in the Tri-County area for an electrical safety inspection. You will be able to enjoy the holidays without the worry!

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