How the Weather Affects your Electric Bill

How the Weather Affects your Electric Bill

How the Weather Affects your Electric Bill

At Custom Electrical Solutions, Inc., one thing we focus on is how to help electric consumers lower their electric bills. We accomplish this by performing inspections, repairs, and upgrades of all electrical equipment. Older electrical installations aren’t the only thing that can make you bill creep higher however. The change of seasons also has a major effect on your power bill.

You will notice throughout the year that your power bill fluctuates: higher toward the end of Summer and Winter with breaks in the Spring and Fall. Commonly, the highest bills come around September and March. These coincide with the hottest and coldest months of the year in our area. South Floridians are lucky in that we live in a relatively temperate environment, so changes aren’t as extreme as they are in other parts of the country. Still, even a slight variance from average means more work for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Read on for more information about weather and your power bill. You’ll also find tips to help even out your bills throughout the year.

Summer Heat Means Bigger Bills

August is historically the hottest month of the year. Our first response to the heat and humidity is to crank down the air conditioning to compensate. The higher humidity also affects how much heat is held in the outside air. What this means for your air conditioner is that it has to work harder to bring your indoor air down to a comfortable level. On average, a central air conditioning unit can cool inside air up to 15 degrees. Setting a thermostat to 72° F when the outside thermometer reads 92° F is only going to run up your power bill and put unnecessary strain on your air conditioner.

Winter Chills Also Create Bigger Bills

As we head into winter here in Florida, you’ll see your September and October bills taper down. During December through February, we see our locally coldest weather and this is when we usually turn on the central heat. For homes without central heat, space heaters are a big culprit as they are not energy efficient. While we’re snuggling inside on these frigid 40° F nights, we watch more television under electric blankets. We also tend to use hot showers to warm up and generally consume more electricity when not outside. Did you know water heaters (gas and electric) are the second biggest energy hog in the home?

Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

The main tip we can offer for relieving the spikes in your power bill is to keep your thermostat steady. Your heating and air conditioning comprises almost 50% of your home’s energy use. The Department of Energy recommends keeping your thermostat at 78° F in the summer and 68° F in the winter, only if needed. Donning a robe or sweater is much cheaper in the winter than that extra power bill charge! This small change will save you up to 6% on your seasonal bills.

For more tips on lowering your energy bills or to schedule an appointment, please reach out to us today at 954-464-5507. Custom Electrical Solutions, Inc. proudly serves the entire tri-county area, including Fort Lauderdale, Parkland, and Plantation.

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