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Troubleshooting of Code Errors in Miami Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach Counties

Troubleshooting of Code Errors

Use our expert team for troubleshooting of Code errors and immediate repairs.

Building codes in Florida change often and for homeowners and business owners alike, this can mean being in violation without even knowing it. Electrical building codes can also vary from one county to the next. That is why you need to consult with local, experienced professionals State Certified, licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

Code errors are easy to make but fortunately, they are also easy for the professionals at Custom Electrical Solutions to find and fix. Some of the most common code errors we see include:

  • Having CO2 and smoke detectors too close to HVAC ducts
  • Overcrowding of wires
  • No splice box on a new lighting fixture
  • Combining low-voltage and line-voltage wires
  • Damage to the jacket of sheathed cable (non-metallic)
  • Open junction boxes
  • Incorrect wiring type or size
  • Outdated breaker panels
  • Outdated wiring, switches, outlets, etc.

In addition to existing structures, we proudly work with new construction projects to ensure everything is up to par during electrical buildups and installation. We will provide your rough-in inspection, electrical release, and final inspection for every aspect from the pole to all electrical wiring, connections, junctions, and electrical trim. Your new building project will be safe and in-code, guaranteed.

Code violations can be extremely dangerous. Many of these violations are actually illegal and pose not only a threat to your safety but a threat to your wallet. Rather than continue taking risks, speak with us today for troubleshooting of Code errors throughout the Tri-County area.