Remodeling? Time for an Electrical Upgrade!

So a home remodel is finally within reach. Congratulations! You’re about to turn your house into your dream home. Organizing such a job, whether upgrading your kitchen or adding a room, can leave you wondering how it will all come together. At Custom Electrical Solutions, we get asked often if an electrical upgrade should be completed before, during, or after the construction. Homeowners also commonly wonder if such a step is really necessary. Let us make the process easier for you!


For the majority of remodeling projects, we recommend getting an electrical system upgrade. Take this into account when planning your remodel, especially when it involves kitchens, bathrooms, or entertainment rooms. Especially if you’re building an addition. If you own an older home, it’s time for an upgrade anyhow. As electrical codes continuously get updated, bringing your home’s electrical system up to par should always be part of your remodeling budget.


Newer Rooms Need More Power


Newer technologies in our lives demand more power than homes built 10 or more years ago were designed to handle. Take older kitchens for example: because there were not as many small appliances and other gadgets in use in the kitchen, most had just enough outlets for the most basic appliances. Ovens and refrigerators were also smaller and therefore did not need as much juice as today’s higher powered models. Current building codes require outlets every six feet however having outlets every four feet is a common request and perfectly acceptable.


Kitchens and bathrooms aren’t the only power-hungry rooms in a home though! If you are creating a home office, a media/game room, or putting an addition onto the house, these projects still require upgraded wiring and possibly a new electrical panel.


Same Time, Less Hassle


In most cases, a remodel or addition to your home will require an electrical upgrade. When in doubt, speak with a licensed, professional electrician to find out if the project will require it. It makes the most sense to have your electrical contractor work with the rest of your contractors to perform upgrades and electrical additions while the construction happens. This way, you’re not faced with the cost and extra headache of having to reopen the walls post-construction. Contracting your electrical upgrade at the same time as your remodel also guarantees your electrical system will pair well with any new office systems, appliances, or other devices intended for use in the room.


If you have any questions about your home’s electrical needs or need to set up an inspection or upgrade, please reach out to Custom Electrical Solutions. We are a family-owned team of professionals and proudly serve Broward County and the surrounding areas.

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