Vital Electrical Safety Tips for Families

Vital Electrical Safety Tips for Families


While electricity is essential to your family’s day to day life, health, and well-being, it can also pose a serious safety threat to young children. Custom Electrical Solutions, Inc. wants to keep your family safe with these practical tips that can sometimes be overlooked. Teaching your children to be safe around electricity is only half the battle. Take a moment to review your home’s electrical safety and implement these easy steps today.


Easy on your Outlets


Surge protectors and power strips, especially those that come with multiple outlets, can be a blessing when your home uses many wall-powered devices. Your computer, monitor, printer, and phone charger for example can fit all in one place. It is tempting to try to fill every outlet simply because of its convenience. However the more plugs you have in one area, the more tempting it can be for young children to play with them, often pulling plugs in and out of their sockets which greatly increases the risk of electrical shock. There are several solutions to this potential hazard.


First, try to minimize the number of plugs you use in each power strip. Just because an outlet has six sockets, doesn’t mean they should all be filled as this can cause overheating and shorting. Second, raise your power strips off the ground, instead mounting them on a wall, out of reach of tiny, curious hands. Multiple cords can then be bundled and kept out of the way. Lastly, try to keep the majority of your devices out of rooms where your children often play. The less temptation, the better!


Cap All Open Outlets


Young children have always been fascinated by empty wall outlets as they provide curious little holes in which innumerable objects can fit. If placing plastic wall plugs into all open sockets was never part of your baby-proofing preparation, or if you have since removed the caps, now is a good time to implement this safety step. Plastic safety caps are available at all hardware stores and online. They are inexpensive yet invaluable. As an added bonus, they prevent cold drafts from coming through your outlets, helping you conserve energy during the winter.


Keep Sinks Clear


While adults know water and electricity are a deadly combination, children may not. Even if you have taught your children to keep appliances away from water, accidents can still happen. In the bathroom, keep blow dryers, hair straighteners, and other small appliances stored in cabinets when not in use. In the kitchen, move all electrical appliances, including toasters, blenders, and coffee makers far enough from the sink to prevent them accidentally being knocked or pulled into water.


Remember Outdoor Safety!


Allowing your children to play outdoors gives them much-needed fresh air and exercise. It is important though to include electrical safety in your discussions about general outdoor safety. Avoiding power lines while flying kites or playing with other toys is a given but did you know electrical dangers lurk in your own back yard?


Teach children to avoid the green electrical boxes in or near your yard. These boxes carry and transform high voltage that can be deadly. If your child does have a toy come in contact with power lines or other electrical devices outside, they should nevertry to retrieve it themselves. They should always tell a parent first as you will need to contact your local power provider immediately. Florida Power and Light (or your other local provider) will handle the situation quickly and safely.


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